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Whether we are talking about small local businesses or larger corporations that provide goods or services in some form or another, they all have one thing in common … they need quality leads to thrive and survive. Of course, there are many different avenues for lead acquisition, some providing a better quality of lead and some providing a better ROI than others.

For the most part, word-of-mouth referrals are the highest converting lead source as they come preloaded with a quality review from a previous client. They also provide a fantastic return on investment as they cost absolutely nothing. The only problem with getting hundreds or thousands of word-of-mouth referrals is you need to acquire the customer base before you have got the benefits of continuous customer referrals.

In 2019, most of you business owners taking the time to read my content will realise that there is a huge opportunity for lead growth using various digital marketing channels and strategies. All the effective strategies are going to cost you money in some form or another, whether it be through professional content writing, cost-per-click leads, social media ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the list goes on. Trying to run any paid leads campaign without any knowledge of what you are doing will undoubtedly lead to thousands of wasted dollars and time lost.

Getting a return on investment for a paid ads strategy takes many hours of research and planning, a deep level understanding of your audience, many hours of set-up, many monthly hours of continuous monitoring and tweaking, landing page conversion rate optimisation and a lot of properly directed effort.

The good news is it can be done, and I have been doing it very effectively week in and week out for my clients for the past eight years. If you think you are in need of these types of services, continue reading below.


In all the time I have been dealing with different business owners, I can definitely tell you the ones that become successful have a much more realistic expectation of the work that is required. They are dedicated to lead tracking and record-keeping, they are dedicated to self-improvement and building a growth mindset, they are dedicated to continuous improvement on all business processes including sales, communication, systems, customer interactions and data analysis. Most of all, they are all willing to accept some risk and devote time and capital in the interest of scaling their business.

The truth is, the only people that I will work with are those who fit the mindset of the business owner described above, and the reality is these are the only people I will be able to effectively help anyway. You see when a full digital marketing campaign is in full swing, the only thing that really matters is the ROI on the leads.

The only way we will know if we are getting a return on investment is if you and your team are tracking the data correctly. You really must understand that the data we collect from our lead systems (SEO, Google ads, Google maps business page and social media ads), is what will give you the business owner the confidence scale rapidly.

I have been directly involved in the rapid expansion of several businesses and I can apply these same digital marketing strategies to yours.

To go further into detail, it is not just the data collection I need from you. In many cases, I will need streams of fresh business-specific images for use on our landing pages and other web media. I will regularly contact you for discussions about the specifics of your services and the way you implement them. I will give suggestions and recommendations about ways to streamline our search marketing campaigns in line with your current business processes.

In the first 6-12 months, we will probably talk on the phone at least once per week. If you have resistance to any of this you will probably hold me up by not giving me what I need.

If you are not scared off yet, there is a good chance we will make a great digital marketing partnership… so keep reading.


Born and bred in the small coastal town of Moruya on the NSW far south coast, I am probably more of a country boy at heart but spent my whole adult life in the city. I am 37 years old, a father, an outdoorsman, a sportsman, a teacher, a broad thinker, a traveller, a hard worker and a former soldier.

I have always enjoyed both physical and mental challenges, and I am at my happiest when I am learning something new and achieving a desirable result.


Back in 2010, late 20’s, I had just spent the last 4 years of my life travelling and working in some of the well-known resort destinations around Queensland. After spending a brief period between jobs, I got to thinking about the path ahead as most of us do and realised my value system really resonated with not having to be tied to one work location or vocation and this lead me on the path to making money online. A path that I am sure many of you have also sort after.

It wasn’t until 2011 where I took an interest in website design, where I initially thought I could just make money by making websites for business owners. Not long after I started doing this, It became apparent to me that a website is just a dead fish in the water, and holds no value to anyone without traffic. Ultimately, it was the path to understanding how to generate web traffic and understanding how people search for services online, that allowed me to see the bigger picture, and tie all the critical components together in an effective way. Knowing which digital assets to focus on drastically reduces the amount of wasted time on testing and gives me the ability to generate volumes of leads faster than my competitors can.

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