Website Design and Development

Contractor Leads Specialist

For most business types, the main purpose of having a website is as a means to showcase products or services in an organized, attractive, and informative layout with the end goal of converting website traffic into either a sale or a lead.

To achieve this, the website will need to contain a good mix of business-related imagery, descriptive content relating to the main role of the business and its services, a design in keeping with the common branding themes of the business, and a simple but effective user interface (UI) that provides the user with a simple and desirable user experience (UX).

If we incorporate all these components into our website design we have a very good start, but what many of my clients don’t consider in their first thought is how they will actually bring web traffic to the website, with most believing this will ‘just happen’ once the website is built.

With more than 10 years now since I began on this path of optimizing websites, I guess my big point of difference when compared to other web agencies and developers is I took a much greater interest in what happens after a website build has been completed and how we can get it to perform as a top tier lead generating machine.

As a result, when I take on a new website build I am able to provide that client with all the correct foundational optimizations they need for when they decide to embark on search engine optimization or paid traffic campaigns in the future.

I quickly realized my clients don’t actually care about a website and all its bells and whistles, they really just want leads with a minimum of fuss and time input from their end, so they can focus on making money.

With this in mind, my own business took the path of being a complete online management service where I manage all aspects of a client’s online ecosystem which includes, Web Design, Custom Coding, Email, Web Hosting, Page Speed Optimization, Backup and Security Management, Conversion Optimization, SEO, and paid traffic campaigns. This gave me the ability to synchronize and optimize every component of a client’s online marketing campaigns and give them one easy point of contact.

Until now, all my clients have been city-based simply because of the need for city businesses to be more competitive in search engines.

Having moved down the NSW south coast a few years back, I found myself being asked regularly about building smaller-scale optimized local business websites without necessarily wanting all the other monthly services. Although not something I was overly interested in a first, the skills I have developed in putting together local business websites over the past decade allow me to put together highly functional attractive websites quite quickly and I have enjoyed taking on some of these projects in recent times.