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Please read this page before contacting me so you have a bit better idea if my services are a good fit for your business or not

Ok Great, now that I’ve got your attention….

I am assuming everyone reading this page has already read my introduction on the homepage. If you have not, please go back and read it before we continue.


My goal is to give you the business owner a platform where you can completely take your hands off just about every digital aspect of the business, so you can focus on growth and scale. This is a big advantage over having several agencies manage your various digital assets. Furthermore, any questions or issues you have can be resolved immediately by picking up the phone and calling me directly. You will never speak with anyone else besides me and I can answer any technical question you have on the spot.

I say to all my clients before we first get started that you should not look at me like a disposable contractor, but much rather a stable long term employee of the business, that gets paid on ROI. I am not looking for ‘Churn and Burn’ style relationships which some of you may have experienced at other digital agencies in the past.


Firstly, I need to understand your business and processes well enough to know that my services will be a good fit, and can realistically bring a quality return on investment. I also need to get an idea that you are someone with a growth mindset, and that you have enough drive to implement the processes I ask you to, and provide me with all the resources I need.

After we chat on the phone, I will likely need more time to research the nature of your target audience, the dominate keywords and the competition we face before I can come back to you with a proposal.

As for contracts, there aren’t any. I will only take you onboard if I know I can generate an ROI. This is all the reason you will need to hang around.


Right from the get-go, my goal is to move as fast as possible to a point where I am bringing you in a steady stream of quality leads. At the same time, I will be trying to lay down an extremely solid SEO foundation where we will be solidifying your brand as a strong entity in google eyes and making associations with your brand and services.


To get the best bang for your buck out of me, your aim should be growing your business rather than just getting enough leads to get by. I will demonstrate to you on a month by month basis that we are increasing our leads and achieving ROI. In fact, you will be demonstrating this to yourself through the data you keep in the spreadsheet I provide. It is certainly my expectation that you will keep the spreadsheet data consistently and accurately. You will actually come to enjoy seeing these statistics in front of you week by week, and ultimately it is this business data-driven approach that will give you the confidence to commit capital towards growth.

As I said, I base my performance on leads gained largely through search engine channels, rather than picking individual keywords to rank for. If you are going to be the person that gets on google every night typing in every keyword combination under the sun to gauge performance you might be missing the point. My goal is to holistically gain genuine leads through both paid and organic search and its these leads that have an effect on your ROI.

With that said, as a general guideline, I would expect to be gaining quality paid traffic leads within a couple of months from our start date.  You can expect to be seeing plenty of keywords with effective organic search engine ranking position around about the 6 months mark. I know this does not sound as sexy as some of the churn and burn agencies promising top rankings in a month. This is just the reality of what I see as a real-world SEO practitioner.


  1. If you are thinking you might ‘give it a go’ for 6 months, build some kind of magical lead stream then go it on your own, we won’t be a good fit and you will be disappointed. The reality is I use many of my own resources as tools to give me an edge when I rank your site and these will be all redirected to other revenue streams if we part ways. Also, the daily, weekly and monthly processes I follow to maintain effective search position of your web assets will be lost, so you will almost certainly see declining search position across most assets in a matter of weeks after we part ways. All this does is waste both my time and your time.
  2. You have been using SEO services of a churn and burn agency. The problem with this is the links they built and the associations they made, may well have created ambiguity, red flags or even an algorithmic penalty that will hinder the potential of what I can do to help the site. While these situations can be overcome sometimes, it will always be a lot of extra work and generally not worth it for me in the long run.
  3. You are generally lazy and think that by hiring me you won’t need to work hard on your end. You will actually be working harder, doing a lot more quotes, hiring and training staff, implementing business processes, acquiring equipment etc.


You deal only with me

This means you have my personal phone number and can contact me anytime to discuss whatever you need to. There is no contacting a sales team or admin lady first.

I am the strategist & the practitioner

All of my SEO and Ads strategies are created and implemented by me. This means I have a deep level of understanding on how things work and can do my own problem-solving. For you, it means I can give you an immediate direct answer on any technical questions you have about any of the running strategies.

Performance-based on ROI .. The only metric that really matters

As I have already stated, leads are the only thing that matter to you the business owner. It is leads that bring growth and these leads must come at a price low enough for you to generate strong profit. If I am not able to generate ROI it will be seen in our monthly figures and I will be the one to bring it up with you.. not the other way around.

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As of February 2023, I will be looking to take on a new client or two.

If you feel you have a good solid business model and you have read through the requirements of my service, leave your details below and I will give you a call back.